Past Pie Baking Winners


Pie Festival 2018

Grand Champion: Glenna Cox with maple pecan pie

Youth Category:
1st Place: Whiteny Dunn, cherry berry almond
2nd Place: Brooke Dunn, butter apple pecan
3rd Place: Dori Ko, fig pie

Fruit Category:
1st Place: Cynthia Welton, peach blueberry
2nd Place: Karen Bingham, sunflower pear raspberry
3rd Place: Susan Little, double apple pie

Nut Category:
1st Place: Robin Lamance, chocolate pecan bourbon
2nd Place: Glenna Cox, pecan
3rd Place: Michele Bingham, cinnamon walnut swirl apple

Other Category:
1st Place: Karla Noble, chocolate chip pie
2nd Place: Glenna Cox, sunny apple pecan
3rd Place: John Erz, lemon chess pie

Pie Festival 2017

Grand Champion Brooke Dunn with Butter Pecan Peach Pie

(Brooke shown on the left with Kathy Knapp of the Pie-O-Neer
at the 2018 Pie Festival.)

Adult Fruit Pie:

First—Sara-Irene Vance with Blueberry Nectarine Pie
Second—Ron Bronitsky with Fresh Berry with Oatmeal Crust
Third—Jan Anderson with Pear & Fig  Pie

Adult Nut Pie:

First—Michelle Bingham with Honey Cashew Pie
Second—Ron Bronitsky with Ginger Bourbon Pecan Pie
Third—Maxfield Berrig with Chocolate Pecan Pie

Adult Other Pie:

First—Ron Bronitsky with Rhubarb Strawberry Pie
Second—Emily Woolsey with Fig & Blueberry Pie
Third—Ron Bronitsky with Granola Bar Pie

Youth Pie:

First—Alyssa Brown with Peach Strawberry Pie
Second—Whitney Dunn with Blackberry-Raspberry Pie
Third—Zanna Whorley with Elk Peach Pie

Pie Festival 2016

Grand Champion – Karen Bingham, Pie Town “Honey Bee Pie”

Adult Fruit

1st – Mary Lee Smith with lavender blue pie
2nd – Maria Mermelstein with curry pie
3rd – Keith Thomas with Frankepie

Adult Nut

1st – Maxfield Bervig with pecan pie
2nd – Megan Bartasevich with pinon pecan pie
3rd – Loretta Lewis with nut and seed pie

Adult Other

1st – Allie Trotter with sweet potato/coconut pecan pie
2nd – Michelle Bingham with apple lattice pie
3rd – Emily Woolsey with Thai pot vegetarian pie


1st—Heather Cox with strawberry surprise pie
2nd—Alyssa Brown with strawberry kiwi pie
3rd—Mariah Larronde with dried apple American pie

Pie Festival 2015

Grand Champion—Janet Anderson with Merry Berry Pie

Adult Fruit

1st—Rory Lindbergh with prickly pear pie
2nd—Cherie Cloudy with cranberry crumble pie
3rd—Megan Bartasevich with cherry nectarine pie

Adult Nut

1st—Glenna Cox with caramel pecan pie
2nd—Penny Dunn with pecan pie
3rd—Loretta Lewis with pecan pie

Adult Other

1st—Laura Baumann with dark chocolate strawberry pistachio pie
2nd—Melinda Martinez with macaroon coconut pie
3rd—Karen Bingham with prickly pear pie


1st—Mariah Larronde with plumberry pie
2nd—Mariah Larronde with peach raspberry pie
3rd—Paul Worley with New Mexico peach pie

Pie Festival 2014

Grand Champion—Ron Bronitsky with Autumn Harvest pie

Adult Fruit

1st—Marcia Mermelstein with peach pie
2nd—Ron Bronitsky with peach pie and his blackberry/pineapple pie
3rd—Ron Bronitsky with blackberry/pineapple pie

Adult Nut

1st—Loretta Lewis with pecan pie
2nd—Michelle Bingham with Turtle Nut pie
3rd—Glenna with pecan pie

Adult Other

1st—Karen Bingham with honey pie
2nd—John & Ruth Hanrahan with peach pecan tequila pie
3rd—Bob Woltman with cherry chocolate pie


1st—James Jarvis with pecan pie
2nd—Willow Bingham for a caramel apple pie
3rd—Andre Richmond with apple crumb pie

Pie Festival 2013

Grand Prize Champion—Sweet Potato by Ron Bronitsky

Adult Fruit

1st—Ron Bronitsky with fresh peach
2nd—Dawn Haffely with strawberry/rhubarb
3rd—Bernetta Eagar with rhubarb/strawberry

Adult Nut

1st—Ruth Hanrahan with green Chile raisin nut
2nd—Vera Davis with caramel pecan
3rd—Michelle Bingham with pecan

Adult Other

1st—Very Davis with caramel apple
2nd—Ron Bronitsky with carrot cake pie
3rd—Karen Bingham with Just Pie


1st—Zane Armstrong with “Zanely” Delicious peach pie
2nd—Mariah Larronde with apple pecan surprise